WordPress is claimed as the most adaptive, future-proof, and an iron-clad platform for success in publishing and ranking stream. Again on combining WordPress with SEO, it becomes the most easy-to-use, versatile, and customizable content management system (CMS) available today! But if you lag behind in using this powerful platform up to its fullest, then you might miss out potential traffic and sales. And this urges a WordPress partner, who understands the advantages and the system well to drive a higher ROI.

At Devlimer, we with our WordPress experts and SEO team, build enterprise-class WordPress sites, keeping in mind the primary elements such as customer attention, look, structure and conversions. We understand the designing and architecture of websites, so leverage its efficiency from the ground to suit search algorithms to offer the best to the clients. We use the most upgraded WordPress Search Engine Optimization, so readily switch to Devlimer, the best WordPress SEO Company.

Our Wordpress SEO Company Services Offer

  • Optimization and validation of codes
  • SEO-friendly permalinks
  • Installation of SEO plug-ins
  • Sitemap creation
  • Automatic upgrading of video, website, and image sitemaps
  • Easily tune title tag and meta descriptions on every page of the website
  • Easy handling of content, keywords, audio, video and broken links
  • Heightens WordPress security
  • Anti-spam plug-ins
  • Easily manage multiple account logins and managers
  • Integrates social media share buttons and Email sign-ups
  • Posting of blogs in multiple categories
  • RSS Syndication
  • Easy website and database backups
  • Optimization of title and alt tags for images

Advantages ofWordpress Search Engine Optimization

  • Well-known as self-hosted blogging platform
  • Addition of plug-ins can customize performance
  • Skilled designers and professionals are easily available for WordPress
  • Its codes are easy to debug, making it easier in comparison to other CMS
  • Demands a less expensive hosting
  • Gets easily tuned to load lightning fast processing
  • Avails numerous high-quality templates and themes with an easy to download option
  • Prioritizes the developers with more options for WordPress to develop themes, software, and plug-ins
  • Live Blog Posting & Outreach
  • Easy to use structure makes it vibrant with an inbuilt dashboard to experiment with themes, posts, widget, category, setting, tools, etc.
  • Resolve duplicate content issues and sets up Google analytics easily
  • WordPress is favorites of search engines

Devlimer is considered one of the best WordPress SEO Company that can help you rank high in the SERPs for a better visibility and online presence. Once you get familiar with the build up of WordPress sites, the path of being popular becomes easy. So, do contact the team of Devlimer to help grow with WordPress SEO!