Web Development Solutions with collaborative approach

Devlimer is a leading software development company in Lexington specializing in web development, mobile application development, Internet marketing, e-commerce development and much more.

For any business to survive the cut throat competition, it is vital to have a strong online presence. In this hyper-connected digital world, having an efficiently running website is imperative in taking your business further by interacting with your customers on various levels.

Web Development Using the Latest Technology

We use latest technology to build a new, highly efficient website or improve the existing website making it more robust than ever. We specialize in using platforms like Shopify, WordPress and Magento to build websites that deliver great results.

Utilizing the various features of these platforms, we help make website run smoothly to provide your customers a user-friendly website experience.

Devlimer has just the right CMS for you to create the website your business needs. We are one of the leading web development companies in Lexington and specialize in using reliable and open source technologies to provide a very cost effective solution

Shopify Development

The reason for using Shopify for website development is that it is one of the most efficient and productive platform widely used by a variety of industries. It lets you create beautiful e-stores that represent your business and products in organized manner. Its high scalability and flexibility means you have the freedom to customize your storefront based on your personal needs.

We can build a customized Shopify websites for small, medium and large industries in Lexington with our team who has years of experience in creating websites for a wide range of industries.

Wordpress Development

Want a user friendly as well as SEO friendly website? The WordPress is for your business. It has been widely used by industries for creating a high-performing websites that provides your customers the experience they desire. With its numerous WordPress theme designs, we can create a very versatile ecommerce website that speaks volume of your business efficiency.

Magento Development

High scalability, flexibility, and array of features define Magento, one of the most sought after web development platforms. Magento is one of those web development platforms that not only helps make your website run efficiently, it also helps rank it well in most of the search engine pages. It allows easy customization, optimization and maintenance of your e-commerce website. Using the best of Magento features we create websites in a very cost effective manner, which makes us one of the leading web development companies in Lexington.

Whether you are small, medium or large industry, we can create a highly customized website. With our highly competent team and 24/7 support your website will never be out of sync.

Mobile Application Development

Having a mobile app makes your business more visible and approachable. Devlimer specializes in cross-platform mobile applications to provide a customized solution to your mobile app needs. Using the latest in technology, our Mobile Application Development team can create a user-friendly platform. Our team is experienced in coding, designing, debugging, testing and maintaining a wide range of application in varied environment.

Whether you need a location based application or utilities and custom application, we can create personalized mobile application based on your requirements.

With in-depth experience in Web and Mobile Application Development, we provide the
best solution for your unique business needs.