Today, Websites have become a central tool for government, businesses, associations, and anyone looking to promote a product or service to larger target viewers. Web development means running your company, interacting with your customers or selling your products.

Devlimer offers you a complete solution to all of your website development needs. By giving your company an effective online presence, we will manage each step of the way. We implement reliable and open source technologies which enable us to provide you a very high quality as well as cost effective solution for your requirements in our web development services.

PHP with its frameworks and content management systems are the main technologies on which we work. We are also forward adopter of all the new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 etc.

Our Web Development Services Include,
  • High-end Unique Web Designs
  • Custom PHP Applications
  • Custom E-Commerce Solutions
  • Effective Marketing Campaigns
  • Proven SEO/SERP Results
  • Corporate Branding & Logos
  • Newsletter Templates
  • 3D Product Representations
  • Custom Word Press Blogs
  • High Resolution Print Graphics
  • Dynamic FLASH Modules
  • Employing Content Management Systems
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Portals
  • Intranets and Extranets
  • Ecommerce Systems
  • Mobile sites & other Custom Services

Web development is a step by step process. It needs to be evolved with time according to functional requirements.

Our Web Development Process Involves

  • Visual Design Phase
  • Application Architectural Design Phase
  • Web Site Development Phase
  • Web Site Testing Phase
  • Launch
The Discovery Process consists of the following steps:
Defining the project structure
Identification of an administrative structure for the project team and the standards for managing the project
Defining your business goals
Analysis of your business objectives and potential opportunities in order to identify the final deliverables.
Assessing the current situation
Evaluation of the current situation and analysis of the difference between the current and expected situation. The purpose of this evaluation is to create the problem statement and identify the direction of the project.
Creating a vision statement and defining the scope of the project
Creation of a vision statement that communicates the long-term direction for guiding the team toward its business goals. Identification of the scope of the project defines what will and will not be included in the solution.
Defining requirements and user profiles
Identification of the stakeholders, end users, and sponsors for the project and documentation of their requirements for the solution. This information helps to evaluate the vision/scope of the project and to create a solution concept.
Developing a solution concept
Creation of a baseline solutions concept, that is, the outlining of the approach that the team will take to create the solution. This concept is created by using the requirements that have been identified.
Assessing risk
Identification and assessment of the risks to the project, and creation of a risk mitigation plan. This is an iterative step that is conducted during all stages of the product life cycle.
Devlimer helps you to design and create innovative and powerful websites. While you focus on your core business process, we strengthen your online presence.