Top 4 Things to Seek In an SEO Company in 2020 for Ensured Growth

With the year 2019 soon to end, your business might be running the race to hit the set profit goals. However, there are chances you are coming up a bit short on what works. If you have been working alongside an SEO company, it is time that you rethink the promotional protocols they have been using for your brand. The ultimate goal here is to work on exceeding the current achievements.

If your business growth has been stagnant, you might even consider opting for a Florida SEO Company that helps contest your existing position for better numbers on your report.

Do you even need an SEO agency?

While you might think that the digital platform is something you can master in days, professional help is always ten times better. SEO is one of the highly frequented investments that churns out better ranks for you with several by-products such as better traffic inflow, increased sales, higher profit margin, reduced competition, etc. SEO or Search Engine Optimization isn’t a task meant for single person. It requires the thorough implementation of elements such as:

  • Keywords
  • Website Design
  • Content
  • Outbound/Inbound Links
  • Local SEO

Getting all these intricate elements right involves the help of experienced professionals that keep up with the changing trends. So, unless you are a one-man army that can handle both business and the SEO needs, getting in touch with a reputed SEO agency in Florida, is just what you need.

So, let us help you out with the top 4 critical things to seek in your SEO Company as you approach the year 2020.

1-Healthy SEO Platform:

If your knack to attract top-notch organic traffic helps facilitate brand growth & attracts convertible leads, the best thing you can opt for is a platform that is SEO-friendly. Depending on multiple factors, this might require hours of dedicated work with added fixes to your URLs or website plugins.

In essence, your agency for SEO services, Florida, should perform technical audits of your website to help detect the existing flaws before the implementation of the new strategies. If this is something they fail to offer, you might consider working alongside another SEO service provider. Remember, you cannot build on a broken base. This is why you must find SEO services that create strong support for your brand to attain heights of success with time.

2-Understand the Buyers:

Imagine you are handling the SEO needs for a company that hasn’t been performing as good as expected with the customers. From selecting the keywords to writing blogs for the brand, building any SEO strategy should come with an in-depth understanding of what your customer needs.

The modern-day buyers are intelligent, and feeding them false promises or irrelevant content can backfire and lead to deterioration of the existing SEO ranking. This is why it is critical to first understand the customer before planning the SEO strategy. The best way to segregate the decoding protocol is to estimate the target audience with regards to age, profession, likes, dislikes, location, and so on.

Seek an agency that works closely with the marketing and sales team to create semi-fictional personas of the actual customers. Now, this particular step is critical, given the fact that your potential customer goes through a chain of actions before deciding to purchase. So, if your SEO agency fails to do this, its time you start looking for a different team.

3-Buyer-Focused Keywords:

Most of the modern-day SEO agencies tend to focus on keywords that churn out the highest search volumes. They concentrate on the number game, which undoubtedly works for ranking. However, your ultimate goal isn’t just a proper ranking. A recognizable click-through rate is something you should definitely pair with the search volumes to ensure maximum ROI.

So, if you are looking for conversion of traffic to customers that actually buy, your complete focus should be the perfect mix of search volume and buyer-focused keywords. Isn’t it better to gain 900 monthly clicks paired with 150 conversions as opposed to 4000 monthly clicks with 20 conversions? So, make your choice and ensure the company involved knows what goes into the long-term benefits of SEO.

4-Content Clusters & Pillar Pages:

Last but not least, get in touch with SEO agencies that utilize the content clusters and pillar pages for their SEO strategy. In essence, pillar pages serve as the primary service or product pages that house chunks of textual content that have been optimized for the subject at hand.

Now, the content clusters or blog collection represents a single subject matter covered through unique topics and original titles. These blogs can be linked with one another while being connected with respective pillar pages that redirect to your homepage. In essence, these elements for SEO help improve the content’s ability to rank and is available for the right set of customers. It also enhances the user’s experience and allows the reader to attain in-depth knowledge about the subject or product in purview.


Apart from these critical pointers for Florida SEO services, make sure your agency has space for input from your side. Your agency must understand that your view or take on the matter is as important as theirs. After all, you own the company or brand that needs attention from the customers. So, let the year 2020 welcome you with higher rankings and better lead conversion as you work alongside the best agency for SEO services.

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