Why Shopify is a Popular Ecommerce Platform?

Shopify is the most popular online shopping cart platform. It aims to serve small Ecommerce ventures. It offers several features, themes and apps, for instance, the feature of abandoned cart recovery. As an ideal Ecommerce platform, the best thing about Shopify is that it is available with unlimited product options and bandwidth. It has powered more than 100,000 online stores for small businesses. The ease-of-use, simple template system and cost make it an ideal solution for startup online retailers looking to get the most bang for their money.

Here are few reasons why this Ecommerce platform is so popular.

Easy to Use and Affordable

For those wanting to set up their online store in a quick and affordable way without the bother over expensive development costs and servers it’s a fantastic, user-friendly Ecommerce platform for them. You get to focus wholly on the design of your website instead of files and coding as it being a fully a hosted platform. Thus, when compared to other Ecommerce projects it gives you results in quicker turnaround times and at lower cost.

Get Endless Design Options

Shopify make it easier than ever for you to impress your visitors with a beautiful store. Shopify’s design templates look anything but dated unlike some Ecommerce platforms. Shopify won’t disappoint if you imagine the aesthetics of your website to be an extension of your personal style. You still have a range of options if you are looking for a more custom approach than a standard theme.

Customer Support

When running an online operation a reliable and responsive technical support service is vital. If you run a small business out of your home, or your business doesn’t have internal technical support then Shopify offers 24/7 customer support, which can be a huge benefit. Shopify’s 24/7 customer support is an additional reason why it’s considered a great Ecommerce platform for small businesses.

Effective Marketing

Shopify make it easy for you to edit the most essential elements of your website to be search engine friendly from an online marketing point of view. You can make pages visible and invisible, and redirect pages, input Meta description, Meta titles, the page title, unique URLs where necessary. To optimize your Ecommerce store the way you want it, this gives you great flexibility.

Built in Blog

Shopify has a built in blog option that lets you add as many blog entries as you want unlike some E commerce platforms. There are many Shopify experts who will create dynamic content that articulates your web presence if you need help developing blog content.