Mobile Website Design

We can create mobile websites easier than ever with the latest technologies like JQuery Mobile, HTML5, and CSS3. We can simply create a specific mobile website design (responsive design) and the development time is much more reasonable compared to native apps.

You can reach new customers no matter how they find you as we design web sites that look great on smart phones as well as on computers.

Don’t look further if you are a business or company and you don’t have time to create a mobile website and you are looking for a reliable service provider to do the same for you. To make sure that you get a customized mobile website best suited to your needs and preferences, we at Devlimer employ a team of well skilled developers.

There are also several value added services offered by us (with our web development and hosting packages) for instance, installation of automatic device detection, personalized Trans coding engine etc. In the mobile website design industry our pricing is also the most competitive.

How Your Customers Will Get Benefitted

  • Displays information up to six times faster than on your full website as well as it is fast and user friendly
  • When needed most it presents just the right information for convenience and utility.
  • On all phones, it offers a good mobile experience, including high-end smart phones, mid range and budget phones.

How Your Business Will Get Benefitted

  • Boosts repeat visits with satisfied customers coming back
  • Works separately from your present website
  • Boosts revenue through features like coupons and reservations
  • Boosts traffic with improved visibility on search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo
  • Well-suited with all phones so you know your website works

We believe in providing 100% satisfaction to our customers. So, we offer punctual, affordable and reliable mobile website development services.