Google under the Alphabet Inc and a New CEO – Will things change for digital World

Its official – Google to operate under new entity, the Alphabet Inc. Google will now be a wholly owned subsidiary of the new company. In a smart move that will take the company to new heights, the co-founders Page and Brin have shown the world why they are the best.

Google is still Google and with a new CEO, Sundar Pichai, it is expected to get even better.

Why Google needed a new Identity

Google has come a long way since the 1990s. Starting from just a search engine entity, now Google has expanded into whole new things that aren’t exactly related to digital marketing or search engine –at least not technically. Apart from being a number one search engine in the world, Google is also known for other stuffs like the Life Sciences, which is a glucose-sensing contact lens and Calico that mostly focuses on longevity related research work.

With so many things going on, the company needed a new identity to preserve its original identity so that Google could focus on what it meant to be in the first place – search engine. This will make it more focused without having to spend time and resources on other department.

Why Giving Google A New Identity Is a Smart Move

From the business point of view, Google needed the change to grow. As a search engine, it couldn’t explore the other business opportunities without creating confusion in the long run. The last thing any business wants is a confused audience asking whether Google is a search engine or research centre or a home security service provider. The co-founder of the Google Page and Brin made the smart move of creating a new identity, The Alphabet Inc. and putting Google under it to pursue other business possibilities.

Google is by far the most profitable part of the Alphabet Inc. and one the largest subsidiary. By getting a new, independent identity, it has created a new base for it to grow even stronger. Not to mention Google is still known for its search engine and related services and have millions of users. Now, the company can operate without losing its base.

A slimmed Down Google and a New CEO

Now that Google doesn’t have to bother about other things apart from the search engine services, it has now greater power to expand and improve the internet experience.

Sundar Pichai, the new CEO of Google will have a better control of a slimmed down Google. Reportedly, it was him who had suggested that Google come up with its own browser – today Chrome is a huge hit and has 45% of world market share. He had also helped designed Chrome for laptops and has supervised other aspects, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google maps. He is known to have initiated projects that made Google even more competitive and was approached for CEO Position in Twitter and Microsoft. With so much to his credit, a slim down Google is sure to improve in coming years.

Google is now part of a bigger plan – The Alphabet Inc -and with a new CEO in tow it is expected to do things differently and with more focus. As for the digital marketing world, the coming few months will be crucial to see how things pan out.