Four Ecommerce Trends to Watch This Year

Today, Ecommerce is a trillion dollar industry that supports businesses of all sizes and shapes. It’s become so important for each store owners to implement the latest trends and keep pace with the changes with more and more store owners going online.

Retailers need to rethink about their Ecommerce strategy this year because consumers are now well-informed about which product they want and at what price; they also want fast (often same day and free) shipping, inventory availability and comprehensive information and reviews.

The year has just started, so it’s a good idea for organizations to start thinking about what they can expect in terms of emerging techniques and business opportunities to better connect with their customers. Let’s look at some important Ecommerce trends for this year.

#1 Personalization

In the year 2015, personalization marketing will dominate; hence, for any retailer to win the game this technique is a must-have. Personalized web experience has great impact in ROI which is a known fact to many Ecommerce business owners.  For marketers, self-tracking apps, wearable tech, and improved user-tracking technology will provide a wealth of user data. However, together with this comes the anticipation for retailers to provide a seamless brand experience and tailored content for their customers.

#2 Omni-Channel

Customers don’t reside in one channel. They are tossing between store, phone, tablet, and computer is only part of today’s shopping experience. So, cross-platform integration is now the standard more willingly than the benefit for retailers. In order to get more foot traffic, retailers that have both a physical location and an online presence are trying to merge the two with promotions like free ship to store. Many also are building mobile sites and companion apps and that facilitate consumers when they are in a store.

#3 Social Commerce

At the moment that social media has achieved major grip with customers, retailers are also exploring methods to use those channels more efficiently themselves. Wherever your customers may be, social media is a fantastic means to promote your brand and capture the mentality of your loyal customers. Social recommendations and reviews of your brand ensure high commitment, and that the word gets out about your business. To encourage more users to do business with you this is where having everything right with the rest of your Ecommerce business is essential as you want what is said about your brand to be positive.

#4 Mobile Commerce

Smart phones have completely revolutionized Ecommerce today. Several well-known shopping stores like Amazon, eBay have also specified that mobile commerce has significantly grown. One of the reasons why many people are using the gadgets is because they are always with them and shopping on a mobile phone is handier than shopping on tablet or PC. Amazing mobile applications have also contributed to the increase in mobile commerce. Such applications have made it easy for the mobile users to access the sites that they are interested in and effortlessly make purchases. To better serve mobile customers, make sure your Ecommerce website employs responsive design.