Making the Perfect Contact Page for Improved Productivity

Most of us know about the “Contact Us” page in a blog. It is one of the first pages to be created. There is some general information about the blog and we expect showers of praise through it. For most bloggers, this is the idea of having the contact page. However, the thing about blogging is to Get In Touch with the readers. All bloggers want to connect with their audience and have a conversation. Most bloggers would be glad to take the feedback and work on it. After all, a blog is all about the audience.

There are various simple WordPress plugins which can help you add a contact page to the blog. However, things get tricky when there is an improved traction on the blog. At the early stages, it is not that difficult to handle the emails. The emails are few and take no time to respond. When the blog grows, the number of emails gets higher and that takes a lot of time to handle these emails. Since we, humans, are hardwired to respond to criticism (positive or negative), we tend to spend a lot of time on these replies, which in turn affects our productivity.

Common Problems

Though it might not look the most obvious thing, there are several problems when people keep asking you questions. Wondering where the problem is? Here are some common problems that many bloggers face.

• Sending the same questions
• No differentiation between important and unimportant
• Redundancy in service requests
• Creating an urgency

These problems might seem trivial at the first look of it, but can be a major time consumer when the number is high. Improve your contact page that will allow you to become more productive at blogging. We have some tips for you that might help you do so.

Clear Out Reply Details Upfront

One of the major reasons for an overflowing and unappealing inbox is the urgency the audience has. Most of the time, people are looking for an answer right away. This makes them write a feedback to you expecting a quick answer. Though it is a great thing if you manage to answer them immediately, it is a tough thing in the later stages of the blog. Some people like to reply in a certain hour of the day while some people are not even in the right time zone to answer. The internet is a global platform and you never know who needs your help and at what time. To keep things better, make sure you clear the time you might reply upfront. Putting a generic message which explains that you might not reply immediately is a great way. Some might argue that it will take your reader to another website. While this is true, you are not losing a reader to impatience. Your reader getting an answer elsewhere is better than refreshing their inbox while getting angry on you for not replying (all while you might be on a date or sleeping). You can find your own unique way to clear the reply details upfront. Once your reader knows when, how, and what you reply to, the number of emails will be comparatively less.

Bring Order to the Contact Emails

Keeping all the contact emails in an order is a great initial way of reducing the clutter and the pressure to reply. However, getting emails in one folder of your mailbox with the same subject line isn’t helping much. All the emails look same and you don’t want that. Priority matters when we are talking about blog contact emails. There might be a mail about adverts and one from a reader. These are not on the same pedestal. You have to find a way to sort them in order of priority.

One of the early steps that many bloggers do is by setting up different email accounts. For example, there is one email ID for all reader requests and another for collaboration and service complaints. Though this looks a feasible option, it isn’t. Having more than one email ID will make it look bad aesthetically and have a pressure on the reader (which no one wants).

The simple way is to use the drop-down box which is available with several WordPress contact page plugins. It restricts the area of questions and sorts them as well. Make a list of common reasons people contact you for and put them in the drop-down box. Your readers will be glad to tell you the reason. Once you know the reason someone has penned (read: typed) down an email, you can set your priority. You can answer service requests or shipment issues ahead of other general questions. This will save time on busy days.

Identify Frequently Asked Questions

Once you start dealing with questions which are asked over and over, it becomes irritating and you start ignoring them. The way out of it is creating an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. This is a good way of answering the questions even before they are asked. Having an FAQ section will certainly reduce the number of contact emails you are receiving. Moreover, your reader will also get the answer super fast. FAQ is a win-win situation and you should capitalize on it to improve your productivity.

Have a look at the questions and identify the patterns in them. Once done, you have the bunch of FAQs. After getting the questions, the ideal step will be to answer them and put it right on the contact page. In case there is a question which needs a detailed answer, you can take some time out and write a post on it. Linking the post to the question in the FAQ section will lead your reader to understand it better. Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms (WP Plugins) have the feature to use conditional logic to show different FAQs on the basis of the reason selected in the drop-down box. In addition to all of this, it is important that you direct your audience to use the search box. There is a high chance that the question they are looking for has already been answered in a post. A clear and easy-to-find search box is the solution to many problems.

Taking a lot of time to reply to contact emails has an adverse effect on your productivity. The priority is to churn out good content for your blog and keep your readers engaged. However, replying to readers and solving any other issue is an important part of blogging. Things take a drastic turn when the contact emails start overflowing. By asking your readers the right reasons, making an order of reply and having an FAQ section, you can answer your audience appropriately. The best part is, you can do all of this while not wasting a lot of time hence, improving your productivity.

4 Content Marketing Trends That will Shine Through 2017

It’s hardly a secret that content marketing is one of the key curves of the digital marketing industry. Good news is that, over the last few years, content has proved to be the most powerful strategy of digital marketing experts and it has undoubtedly paid off quite well to say the least.
The best part about content marketing lies in the fact that, it has taken a massive leap of growth each year with its incredible outcomes. Strategists surely look forward to keep the momentum going even in 2017 and that too with the added tricks.

2017 has already kicked off and experts are ready with their content budget and blueprints to dominate the year like never before. Take a look at some of the finest content trends, leveraging which could ensure prolific returns. So here we go!

1) A Fierce Focus On Mobile

For content marketers, the be all and end all endeavors is to make the website responsive and mobile-friendly. Of course, the basic rule of content marketing is to broaden the reach of the content to the audience across all over. With people being hooked to their smart phones in every now and then, you must reckon to design an infallible online strategy with an engaging content that could create a mark in the mobile marketplace.
What’s important is to ensure that your content proves to be an easy read for the mobile users and navigate in possibly every mobile device that exists. People certainly won’t appreciate to invest time for a page that loads slowly. Therefore you need to be conscious enough to feed the mobile users the content that could involve them without any additional fuss.

2) Content With An Interactive Effect

In this fast pace world, no one is willing to spend their time, energy and of course attention on anything that they find tedious in the slightest manner. Hence content marketers need to up their game to capture the attention of the audience in the most unique and valuable creative methods. No wonder, interactive content can turn out to be an impeccable tactic, which could enhance the brand value with complete ease.
As is mentioned by Kissmetrics, interactive content is the most profitable action and has been backed with validated theories.

With interactive content, you can make the reader a part of the content. Using various modes like calculator, configurators and quizzes can grab the interest of the reader quite successfully.

3) Hail Native Advertising

A lot of marketers still fail to implement the idea of native advertising, however executing it in the comprehensive manner can boost up the brand incredibly.

Native advertising may just look like a simple editorial in the first glance, but it could actually create a lot of effect as it does not disrupt the user experience and with an informative content filling in the space, they could pull the audience and engage them a lot more than the content of other types. The fact is, through native advertising, brands can use their storytelling skill and build effortless connect with the audience. 2017 may just witness the rise of native advertising as compared to the previous years.

4) Live Streaming Video – A Real Game Winner

You could just be a startup or a consultant; live streaming videos are the best to bet on. They offer a golden opportunity to have interaction with your audience in quite a relevant way.

When it comes to the live streaming videos, they are pretty accommodating for creating content sans any stress of additional cost with video production. Of late live streaming videos have been a widely accepted plan by the content marketers for its ability to achieve higher conversion, awareness, and engagement among the viewers.

The Concluding Point

So, all you content marketers out there, get ready to rule the content marketing periphery by adopting the above mentioned trends. Rest assured they would unquestionably give you a chance to keep your audience’s attention intact. Note: dabble in a few rather than trying your hand at all from the beginning.

Five “Content Marketing” Trends to Watch out in 2017

A new year is here and so are new techniques in the “content marketing” world. We saw some intriguing developments in the last year and this year some trends are going to be essential in reaching the right audience. Here, we present you five content marketing trends that are going to be important in the coming year. You can have a look and get an idea on what to focus in the year 2017 to get the most out of it.

Here are 5 content marketing trends that are going to rule 2017.

Niche Messages:

We have seen a lot of content trends last year and many trends are going to evolve into a much better read. There has been writing that catered to a larger audience (in general), but come 2017, we need to focus more on the niche.

With that being said, scratching the outer surface is now an old technique. To get under the skin, we have to dig deep and get to the core. Previously, there would be blogs saying “What to do for better reach”. Now it has to be replaced by “What to do for better reach in <<Insert a single Social Media platform name>>”. To make it big this year, you need to target the audience by writing more on niche topics.


In the world of content marketing, creativity is the key to unlocking the full potential of the web. This year creativity will reach a new high with visuals taking the high throne. There is a chance to get more engagement in visual content.

Previously, content marketing has all been about the written content like blogs, article, e-books, and sometimes newsletters. This will be always there, but the latest addition of visual information would hold the key to a better 2017. You might consider upgrading your work system to make those high-quality visuals, like infographics.


This year visual content would go up and high above the images and GIFs. Videos are going to be the most important aspect of visual content engagement in 2017. The Social Video Platforms are optimizing their feeds to improve the viewing experience.

Facebook and Snapchat are the top influencers in the social video world now. In fact, Snapchat has gone ahead of Facebook in total video views and it’s seriously time we take both videos and Snapchat into consideration. 74% of all traffic will be video in 2017, according to Syndacast.

Influencer Marketing:

Within the last few months or so, influencer marketing has been doing exceptionally well and this trend might continue through 2017. Most people go for recommendations from influencers (90% would be safe to say). The traditional sources are now a thing of past and people are tapping into their social networks to get proper recommendations for everything.

This is where a genuine influencer can help your brand reach a new high. In the words of Jess Estrada, “Influencers are people with significant networks (followers, readers, etc.) who can speak to a broad range of products and services with the ability to sway opinions in their favor.” You need to identify an influencer in your niche and find a way to get them into talks or spend some bucks on buying them. This would make the wind sway in your direction.

Better Writing:

In today’s digital world it has been repeatedly said, “Content is the King” and it will always remain the same way. If you are to find any success in the digital world, you need better writing skills. You need to up your writing skills this year to be on the top of your game.

Writing an engaging copy that would bind your niche audience and deliver them what they want is the way to go. Even if you are writing good, you need to take it a notch higher and write for a distinctive section of the audience. Like every year, genuine niche writing will take over everything else this year.

These are some trends that might rule 2017. Apart from this, you should have a clear strategy for your content marketing team. Once your strategy is clear, you can make sure they follow these trends to get in to make the most out of this year. In conclusion, content is going to be the king like every other year but, you need to enhance your content with visuals and niche writing. The need to make the content more audience specific has never been so high and you need to abide to be at the top of your game. 2017 is going to be a big year if content marketing is considered and you wouldn’t like to be at the same place where you were last year.

Know Your Audience – Improving Marketing Response Rates

Marketers invest a sophisticated amount for bidding keywords which has led to an intricate digital atmosphere. With a diversity of industries targeting the same audience, it is a convoluted process today to divert audience to your platform. But by a deeper understanding of the appropriate audience, search costs for brands can be lowered with a boost in the performance level. Here’s what we got after long research on improving marketing response rates – the CMO’s insight.

Who is YOUR Audience?

The landscapes of search engine visibility have fumed with fast changes in techniques to develop a vibrant platform for establishment of brands online. Marketers today look forward to influx of latest technology models that has led to a high standard of competition for fighting keywords online and has resulted into a daunting challenge for some brands.

As you focus on the low volume keywords, with some of the obvious ones that reflect your industry, there are researchers who play the intelligent game of discovering long tail keywords with low audience density. These long tail keywords help those secure groups of visitors who track their perfection in long tail keywords. So why are you not able to meet those objectives of accurate data mapping? Where exactly are you falling prey in unproductive SEO without proper identification of your audience?

Filtering YOUR Audience – CMO’s First Objective

Data sufficiency online through a diversity of industries has taken over the level of brand engagement with newer ways to track the visitors. First you need to be clear about your search portfolio and where your audience is, as finally you will be delivering content to the visitors and not the indexing algorithm of any search engine. If you are more into statistics and insights of how close you are to your audience, then you must be aware of data analytics, the real-time technology behind search results.

As you are already familiar to the picture of rapid changes taking place, it is worth knowing that in the meantime while you target a zone of audience, either your competitors or the viewers change mind and deviate. But a campaign will definitely lead you to the objective, if only implemented according to the strategic plan. In order to optimize, you will either need to group tail keywords or the ones with high volume instead of focusing on them individually.

To be specific, look for the stream of audience who gets converted and not those who just brings you generic traffic.

Right Path for the Right Audience

Data or content, whichever the term suits, search for the keywords that your audience wants to see. Evaluating keywords in accordance with the sort of people your brand approaches s the best method to survey on the audience. Now, when you have discovered your key to possible online visibility, the attributes of users can be checked on a minimal amount of conversions. Reaching audience from different segments is a valid model of marketing, but keeping them engaged is significant which relates to a genuine strength of organic traffic.

Major e-commerce brands are seen developing a mass of traffic through promotional engagement, who are further directed to their specific requirements through keyword targeting based on user attributes.

But the other way round is more effective. Then why didn’t they follow?

If you are targeting audience from different segments through tail keywords and grouping them all to a single factor of promotion, it will lead them to end up at a place where they can’t interact as they belong to different segments. So this system is hazardous and has seen ups and downs throughout the journey. If you are not able to drive engagement within your brand premises, you will have to settle with a vast dynasty of visitors who visit and drop out without noticing the brand next time.

So are you carving the right path for the right audience?

Response Rates – Where to Change and Where Not To

Whether you are a well established brand or just a startup, algorithmic machine can just deliver you results based on impressions you have made online irrespective of what exactly your audience thinks about your brand. Analytics are a part of your story which tell you where to change and where not to, in fact.

If you have discovered a tail keyword that has gained you numerous conversions, you should be happy, but with your eyes wide open. Your response rates are great, but your competitor may even induce a better tail keyword in your visitors’ minds. You need to keep a watch at what is trending and where exactly you need to persuade a different angle of focusing your audience. This sort of approach helps you in predictive performance improvement which is also a major part of the machine’s algorithm.

Playing with Data – Conclusion – CMO’s Insights

We have gleaned handsome technical factors that help you delve deep into the data directory. If you are able to play with the data available online then we are sure you can craft the best keywords for your brand’s engagement. But as competition of tail keywords for revenue and marketing see a hike, it targeting people through keywords has become challenging.

So if you are able to drive traffic based on particular indicators (KPIs) like geography, audience attributes (sex, age, interests) and cookies obviously, you just need to watch the audience engagement model which will clear your branding metrics.

This process of data analysis and audience engagement will keep evolving and will improve with every step of competition. The methodology of leveraging data channels through proper audience aspects is the best way to hold on to marketing strength.


With trends like monetizing data, location based mobile marketing, big data capacity planning and multichannel content delivery; the digital marketing environment is getting more dynamic. We keep on researching to offer you more insightful information on latest digital marketing techniques and standards. If you come across any query, please let us know. We will be pleased to help you.

Understanding the Keys to Successful Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Realizing that Social Media is just the Platform, and Optimization Varies according to Market Demands, Changes, and Audience Analysis – Social Media Optimization Explained.

As the ecosystem of social media diversity changes drastically, trends and strategies of social media operations emerge with variations every second. The outlook is simple, showcasing products, services, and solutions to the crowd. In the meanwhile, the market expands, and so does the competition. With changing market validations and approach traits, it becomes very intricate to manage crowd sourcing and reaching the audience on social media platforms. In the midst of all, what ultimately delivers productivity is proper strategizing and implementation of the chart. This short tour will raise certain valuable Social Media Optimization (SMO) ethics and variables that suitably impact the mass.

SMO is a well recognized term in the mass and is considered as a vital element in building a mature audience base, trust, support, and enhancing sales as the bottom line. The question that assembles complexity is how to establish valid SMO strategies in order to gain supreme productivity and keep the audience engaged. As audience is referred to the mass online, it is not very simple to grab them and keep their eyes on your brand existence.

As it proceeds, it is important to deliver sufficient grounds to the mass in order to attract their vision. The essence of brand is a vital supplement that graduates from proper execution of SMO strategies. Where does the Social Media Optimization strategy set come from? How is it formulated? There is an answer very precise to the question – analysis of brand approach, and research on market trends and audience sight. This statement sets a defined schedule but it varies with situations. An ecommerce company would look forward to audience specific to their products. But it is not as simple as that. Validation of data comes into the scenario where the company needs to target a specific set of audience extracted from the whole range. Making it even simpler, targeting audience is an important factor for any business as they would be only interested in the product/service delivery most preferable to them.

As it has been noticed, variations exist vastly. So SMO brings a vast platform to the businesses to showcase their valuable offerings pointing to the audience they want to seek. As it goes ahead, similar to audience targeting, another such result on which vibrant analysis takes place is, geological targeting. It’s a simple declaration, but intricate by means of development. It takes a lot to define values correctly and requires prolific analysis of all the variables.

How to accurately build the platform based on the strategies? The next big question to that creates perplexities. Many get baffled in notifying the mass and deviate as a result of which, the business slows down in capturing the vision. Tasks aren’t marked done by creating a healthy set of SMO practices as the market keeps changing and demands accordingly. So to meet the demands, it is always very important to show what the mass wants to see. SMO strategies can be okay, but it is never assured that they will prove. Execution is the most important factor. Content has been an important feature concerning SMO which is the most vital part.

Awareness, sales, loyalty and retention of viewers, whichever is your target, social media is the key to success metrics. Dealing with current or prospective customers has been made easy, but keeping the impact of interaction and creating a passion-worthy stir is rather important and helps appeal to the heart of the audience.

Social media is the best platform to build an identity and trust of any business. It signifies brand essence and ultimately fixes a good standard for ethical marketing. The business needs to understand the core of values and industry specific needs relevant to the audience’s demands in order to develop a strong social media connectivity foundation. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and many others act as pulsating platforms for social media, but optimization comes from experience in dealing, distinct impactful connections, and proper strategies that fulfill the brand prerequisites.

3 PHP Web Development Trends That Companies Need To Know

Effective development of responsive and dynamic website, ecommerce websites, mobile version, mobile and web applications have been the most valuable assets of development companies as the growth in the expansion of internet usage took a higher leap. Technological encroachment and innovation has recently changed our views on the approach of developing factors on the internet platform. Integration of better technological aspects facilitates businesses to deliver superior quality products, services, and solutions to clients and individual users.

While such transformation took place in the environment of development, many open source technological platforms for development and testing grew with pace. Attracting customers has become easier in unparalleled ways. Reliability, safety, and cost effectual aspects are the most important factors that companies are eager to drive in when they look forward to technology development.

With such bounds and guidelines in the diversity, PHP drew a gravitational movement in technological development podium. PHP web development techniques have pushed the limits and have extended the level of possibilities for companies focusing web design and development variables. PHP has facilitated companies and businesses to extend its creativity and innovation to the next level which is forecasting absolute revolution.

PHP being such an important platform of development and design in the world of internet, we need to understand the complexities as well. Intricacy creeps in when it comes to delivering accurate and desired results. Some brilliant companies have taken up initiatives on PHP development earlier, but many of them didn’t do well, and some ended up with inappropriate issues. With improvised usage of PHP, desired and user friendly front end can be developed.

An alluring website can fetch better business online, and keeping this objective in mind, following are the 3 most important factors that businesses need to peep in while checking for PHP web development solutions and services.

Responsive and Special Effects Embedded Web Design

While responsive seems to be a common term nowadays, the actual concept behind it is a massive path of concern and takes efficiently marked efforts to develop. A responsive web design is something which transmits the most precise value in accordance with the user’s choice. So to provide user satisfaction and save time, the most important factor to take into account is a responsive web design. An easy to access website always focuses on putting forward outcomes which bring an interactive platform not only on the mobile version, but also on mobile devices and tablets. Special effects combined with responsiveness prove to be a challenge which can be resolved with effective PHP development techniques. Dynamic visual applications demand regular update in website with changes in technological aspects. Such factors are most important values that a company should look for while choosing PHP web development services and solutions.

Integration of Flash and 3D Designs

Using PHP web development, experience developers are now looking forward to design and develop flash websites which serve as the best attraction for users and online customers. The revolutionary changes in design and conceptual formulation of access designs have broadened the field for developers on using PHP web development strategies to develop even better flash websites integrated with better scroll results and slideshow presentation boom. It is obviously preferable to use flash designs for scrolling images and graphics in 3D visual platforms and the same can be done with effective usage of PHP web development.

Specialization in PHP Web Development Platform

With the increase in complex demands of customers and technological boom, companies demand critical web applications and designs. The most important gateway to face such a challenge is specialization in certain and most fields of PHP web development platform. Specialization empowers easy and accurate development of the desired offshoot. Out of the many dwellers, the most commonly targeted platforms focus CRM, CMS, Website, and Shopping Cart development using PHP. Custom PHP applications and programming services are also widely used services that many companies opt for.

Cost effective solutions, timely delivery, and support and guidance, highly experienced team, and flexible engagement models are the most important ethics that add to the values of PHP web development for companies and businesses. For developing interactive and dynamic websites, companies need to focus on such important trends that articulate PHP development factors to a wider range. We understand that you aspire secure architecture, solid web core, stable, secure and platform independent PHP web development solutions. Such an approach will let your business flourish with returning customers and valued clients.

How to Choose a Responsive Website Development Company

Today, for every online business owner it is very essential to have a website that is much more than appealing. Having an advanced website will not only help one enjoy improved and augmented sales but also to kill the competition. Now, in this era of mobile devices everyone wants to surf the internet on their phone or tablet. Many people also use their mobile devices to do shopping online. However, the problem is that, many regular websites are not clearly visible on mobile devices due to their compact screen size. Hence, you need a website that can be viewed on various mobile devices without compromising the content on the website and this is the area where responsive websites come into picture.

The best feature of the responsive designing is that the website is designed only once but at the same time designed to be well-suited with a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. Responsive web design will allow your target visitors to access your service and products you are offering to them from any king of device they have. Therefore you need to provide your website visitors the best means of displaying the information on different screen sizes.

If you wish to make your website responsive you need to hire a professional Responsive Website Development Company. Today, there are a number of companies offering this service hence; choosing the best one among them can be a difficult task. Here are few suggestions that will help you find a reliable responsive web development company.

Know Your Requirements

You should know your requirements before hiring a web development company. Understand why you need a responsive website and how it will benefit you. Prepare a list of the functionalities of your proposed website, probable design and your concept in as much detail as possible. Find out the targeted audience and your basic purpose. This will also help the web development company understand your needs perfectly.

Check the Portfolio of the Company

Check out the portfolio of the web development company before hiring their services. View some of their sample websites. You will be able to know the quality of the website that the company is able to create by screening some of the company’s previous work. You can also easily evaluate the company by going through their portfolio to see whether they have any experience in developing the type of responsive website that you desire. The company should be able to understand the purpose of your website and be able to provide a solution that is able to suit your needs.

Consider Your Budget

Before opting for a Responsive Website Development Company you need to think out how much you want to invest. It would be a wise decision to contact a few other companies and ask them for free quotes. Once you have the estimates, you can compare them and choose the best one which suits your requirements.

Google under the Alphabet Inc and a New CEO – Will things change for digital World

Its official – Google to operate under new entity, the Alphabet Inc. Google will now be a wholly owned subsidiary of the new company. In a smart move that will take the company to new heights, the co-founders Page and Brin have shown the world why they are the best.

Google is still Google and with a new CEO, Sundar Pichai, it is expected to get even better.

Why Google needed a new Identity

Google has come a long way since the 1990s. Starting from just a search engine entity, now Google has expanded into whole new things that aren’t exactly related to digital marketing or search engine –at least not technically. Apart from being a number one search engine in the world, Google is also known for other stuffs like the Life Sciences, which is a glucose-sensing contact lens and Calico that mostly focuses on longevity related research work.

With so many things going on, the company needed a new identity to preserve its original identity so that Google could focus on what it meant to be in the first place – search engine. This will make it more focused without having to spend time and resources on other department.

Why Giving Google A New Identity Is a Smart Move

From the business point of view, Google needed the change to grow. As a search engine, it couldn’t explore the other business opportunities without creating confusion in the long run. The last thing any business wants is a confused audience asking whether Google is a search engine or research centre or a home security service provider. The co-founder of the Google Page and Brin made the smart move of creating a new identity, The Alphabet Inc. and putting Google under it to pursue other business possibilities.

Google is by far the most profitable part of the Alphabet Inc. and one the largest subsidiary. By getting a new, independent identity, it has created a new base for it to grow even stronger. Not to mention Google is still known for its search engine and related services and have millions of users. Now, the company can operate without losing its base.

A slimmed Down Google and a New CEO

Now that Google doesn’t have to bother about other things apart from the search engine services, it has now greater power to expand and improve the internet experience.

Sundar Pichai, the new CEO of Google will have a better control of a slimmed down Google. Reportedly, it was him who had suggested that Google come up with its own browser – today Chrome is a huge hit and has 45% of world market share. He had also helped designed Chrome for laptops and has supervised other aspects, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google maps. He is known to have initiated projects that made Google even more competitive and was approached for CEO Position in Twitter and Microsoft. With so much to his credit, a slim down Google is sure to improve in coming years.

Google is now part of a bigger plan – The Alphabet Inc -and with a new CEO in tow it is expected to do things differently and with more focus. As for the digital marketing world, the coming few months will be crucial to see how things pan out.

“Googlebot cannot access CSS and JavaScript files” in Google Search Console – A New Google Warning!!!

Today, if you received a warning from Google in your email, don’t be alarmed because not only you but several webmasters were also received the same alert in their email that “Googlebot cannot access your JavaScript and/or CSS files.” While also reminding them that Googlebot’s incapability to access those files may result in “suboptimal rankings” Google sent out this warning through their Search Console.

Google had written late last year that blocking JavaScript and CSS through your sites robots.txt file could result in reduced rankings and indexation. Google has done this particularly to permit your website’s entire resources, for instance JavaScript and CSS files, to be crawled and to help Google fully understand your site’s contents. By utilizing the HTML code of a webpage as well as its resources for example JavaScript, CSS, and images files; the Google indexing system renders WebPages. You can use the Fetch as Google and the robots.txt tester tools in Search Console to debug directives in your robots.txt file and to see the webpage resources that Googlebot not able to crawl.

Here you can see a copy of the notice in Google Search Console.


It’s a good thing if your site has been blocking Googlebot from accessing those files as you know about it so you can find solutions to deal with the problem. You can easily fix this issue by editing your site’s robots.txt file. Go ahead with this fix if you’re comfortable editing that file

Glance through the robots.txt file for any of the following lines of code:
Disallow: /.php$*
Disallow: /.css$*
Disallow: /.inc$*
Disallow: /.js$*

Remove those lines if you see any of them. That’s what’s blocking Googlebot from crawling the files it needs to render your site as other users can see it.

Running your site through Google’s Fetch and Render tool is the next step. This will verify whether or not you solved the issue. The tool will provide further instructions on changes to be made to the robots.txt file if Googlebot is still being blocked. Into the bargain, if there are any other crawling issues you can identify those buy using the robots.txt testing tool in Search Console.

Some are getting alerts for third party resources that are blocked; however, Google has previously said third party resources are not an issue since they are generally outside of the webmaster’s control.

Vital Tips to Choose an Expert Shopify Development Company

In order to ensure maximum traffic for online shopping, one of the key aspects is the presentation of the online store for better presence and visibility among consumers in today’s era of multi-channel marketing and responsive websites.

When going with the fact that visual appeal penetrates better into the buyer’s conscience, a better presentation and visibility of the online store helps increase sales. A number of software solutions services have come up providing top-notch online store design, development and maintenance solutions with increasing number of merchants and retailers availing these services for a revamp of the online store. Among these, Shopify has gained such an immense popularity because it has made it extremely easy to run an online store.

There are several benefits for using Shopify for e-commerce. It is cheap and affordable. Hence, any business can afford to get the services of Shopify. You can customize each aspect of the online store according to your needs as thousands of finest themes are offered by the service.

You get the full advantage of Shopify by hiring an expert Shopify Development Company. They can help you to develop customized web templates for your sites for performance and share of control. By keeping the substance of the organization’s goods and services they can create a complete shopping site. They will also help you with integrating new functionalities, intra-net networks, managing content and maintaining shopping carts.

Nowadays, there are several companies offering Shopify development services. So, it is quite a difficult task to know which company provides the best service at most reasonable price. Here are few tips that will certainly help you choose a reliable and expert Shopify Development Company.

Check the portfolio of the web development company and find out the kind of services they offer. View some of their sample websites. You will be able to know the quality of the end product that the company is able to produce by viewing some of the company’s previous work.

To make you believe that they can cater a customized solution as per your requirements, a company should have requisite experience. Experienced company has also experienced Shopify developers who have already met to the complicated problems of development. Due to which, to accept any type of challenging demand they hold the expertise and confidence.

It is essential for you to know how much money you have to spend to develop a shopping site. There are many companies that offer Shopify development services at very affordable price.  But, one thing you should remember is that, never compromise on quality just to save your money as in the long rum you may regret this.

It would be a wise decision to contact a few Shopify Development Companies and ask them for free quotes. Once you have the estimates, choose the best one which suits your requirements by comparing the prices.