5 Shocking Facts about SEO Services You Should Know

SEO still holds ample secrets for the beginners of the digital marketing profession. However, even advanced users have to be constantly updated with everything that occurs in the digital marketing world. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an exclusive element for advanced digital marketing scenario. Here, we have brought together a list that comprises of 10 lesser-known SEO facts.

So, if you are planning to hire a Florida SEO company, make sure you go through these amazing facts to increase your grasp over SEO for better understanding.

Shocking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Facts for You

1- Duplicate Content Isn’t Penalized:

When hiring SEO services in Florida, ask your service provider if you will be penalized for duplicate content. The obvious answer is “No.” Is the duplicate content affecting your site rankings? The answer to this depends on the level of duplicity. When it comes to SEO, there is a difference between “Duplicate Content” and “Copied Content.”

According to Google Guidelines, copied content is known to affect the rating even if the firm or business gives due credit to the source. There is no such mention of duplicate content in the guidelines. Obviously, duplicate content won’t get you the highest of ranks. However, it won’t penalize you. If you tend to use the canonical tags that allow the search engines to scroll through the preferred website content, you will be safe. In essence, Google awards you for unique content but doesn’t fine you for duplicated content.

2- Not Every Search Engine Uses Links for Ranking:

If you plan to know whether you can rank on the search engines without the presence of links, the answer is a definite Yes. Google is obviously the best search engine, but it isn’t the only one. You can seek help from Florida SEO Services Company to know more about the top-ranking search engines where your brand or business can trend.

For example, Yandex, the popular and biggest search engine based in Russia, isn’t taking links into consideration as a ranking factor. Now, you might wonder that ranking over this search engine will limit your target audience. However, Google is planning to move in the very same direction. In essence, the search engines will rank the websites based upon facts as opposed to link-based ranking. The search engine is also discussing upon the idea that will exclude the backlink-based ranking.

3- Rich Snippets Do Not Impact the Rankings Directly:

When hiring any SEO Agency in Florida, make sure you ask if the rich snippets pose a direct effect on website ranks.

Now, this will sure puzzle you when we say that the snippets do not actually have direct ranking impacts. Rich snippets are included in catering extra information for search listings. However, they don’t actually influence the rankings. Google has mentioned time and again that the rich-snippets do not pose any direct impact over the site rankings currently.

However, it surely generates indirect benefits for rankings. This is done by aiding the website pages to be available easily via proper indexing. In short, rich snippets are features that add in-direct value to your website and thus enhance your ranking.

4- Just 2 Out of 10 Popular Sites on the Web Can be defined as Content Sites:

If you want to understand this completely, let us take a peek at the top 10 popular sites on the web. These popular sites are as such:

No surprise here given their individual popularity and user-base. However, if we take a look at these websites, only YouTube and Wikipedia are completely content-oriented sites. The other merely act as “content-gates.” Of these eight websites, the users get both contents to consume and things to do. Things such as products, tools, services, etc., are a part of these websites while content is a linked accreditation. So, in essence, they provide actionable content which serves as a valuable aspect for the users. If you are planning an e-commerce website with help of SEO services in Florida, make sure you ask for such intermixing of actionable content with services and products.

5- Image Object Detection Serves as a Strong Ranking Element:

We all know that the Google search engine is smart enough and recognized the objects present in an image. However, something you didn’t know is that this object recognition pattern helps with ranking for a business. In order to rank properly, opting for image optimization serves as the key.

This optimization involves creating images that appeal to the users as opposed to the classic inclusion of the alt-text or title tags. This allows the search engine to determine and classify the images into various categories which ultimately affects the ranking of the associated business and strengthens it.


In this blog, we have decoded some of the lesser-known facts from the market of Search Engine optimization. We believe that you should always be updated with the latest dos and don’ts of the digital market. So, the next time you hire Florida SEO services, you will be updated with the latest trends and determine your exact requirements.

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Making the Perfect Contact Page for Improved Productivity

Most of us know about the “Contact Us” page in a blog. It is one of the first pages to be created. There is some general information about the blog and we expect showers of praise through it. For most bloggers, this is the idea of having the contact page. However, the thing about blogging is to Get In Touch with the readers. All bloggers want to connect with their audience and have a conversation. Most bloggers would be glad to take the feedback and work on it. After all, a blog is all about the audience.

There are various simple WordPress plugins which can help you add a contact page to the blog. However, things get tricky when there is an improved traction on the blog. At the early stages, it is not that difficult to handle the emails. The emails are few and take no time to respond. When the blog grows, the number of emails gets higher and that takes a lot of time to handle these emails. Since we, humans, are hardwired to respond to criticism (positive or negative), we tend to spend a lot of time on these replies, which in turn affects our productivity.

Common Problems

Though it might not look the most obvious thing, there are several problems when people keep asking you questions. Wondering where the problem is? Here are some common problems that many bloggers face.

• Sending the same questions
• No differentiation between important and unimportant
• Redundancy in service requests
• Creating an urgency

These problems might seem trivial at the first look of it, but can be a major time consumer when the number is high. Improve your contact page that will allow you to become more productive at blogging. We have some tips for you that might help you do so.

Clear Out Reply Details Upfront

One of the major reasons for an overflowing and unappealing inbox is the urgency the audience has. Most of the time, people are looking for an answer right away. This makes them write a feedback to you expecting a quick answer. Though it is a great thing if you manage to answer them immediately, it is a tough thing in the later stages of the blog. Some people like to reply in a certain hour of the day while some people are not even in the right time zone to answer. The internet is a global platform and you never know who needs your help and at what time. To keep things better, make sure you clear the time you might reply upfront. Putting a generic message which explains that you might not reply immediately is a great way. Some might argue that it will take your reader to another website. While this is true, you are not losing a reader to impatience. Your reader getting an answer elsewhere is better than refreshing their inbox while getting angry on you for not replying (all while you might be on a date or sleeping). You can find your own unique way to clear the reply details upfront. Once your reader knows when, how, and what you reply to, the number of emails will be comparatively less.

Bring Order to the Contact Emails

Keeping all the contact emails in an order is a great initial way of reducing the clutter and the pressure to reply. However, getting emails in one folder of your mailbox with the same subject line isn’t helping much. All the emails look same and you don’t want that. Priority matters when we are talking about blog contact emails. There might be a mail about adverts and one from a reader. These are not on the same pedestal. You have to find a way to sort them in order of priority.

One of the early steps that many bloggers do is by setting up different email accounts. For example, there is one email ID for all reader requests and another for collaboration and service complaints. Though this looks a feasible option, it isn’t. Having more than one email ID will make it look bad aesthetically and have a pressure on the reader (which no one wants).

The simple way is to use the drop-down box which is available with several WordPress contact page plugins. It restricts the area of questions and sorts them as well. Make a list of common reasons people contact you for and put them in the drop-down box. Your readers will be glad to tell you the reason. Once you know the reason someone has penned (read: typed) down an email, you can set your priority. You can answer service requests or shipment issues ahead of other general questions. This will save time on busy days.

Identify Frequently Asked Questions

Once you start dealing with questions which are asked over and over, it becomes irritating and you start ignoring them. The way out of it is creating an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. This is a good way of answering the questions even before they are asked. Having an FAQ section will certainly reduce the number of contact emails you are receiving. Moreover, your reader will also get the answer super fast. FAQ is a win-win situation and you should capitalize on it to improve your productivity.

Have a look at the questions and identify the patterns in them. Once done, you have the bunch of FAQs. After getting the questions, the ideal step will be to answer them and put it right on the contact page. In case there is a question which needs a detailed answer, you can take some time out and write a post on it. Linking the post to the question in the FAQ section will lead your reader to understand it better. Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms (WP Plugins) have the feature to use conditional logic to show different FAQs on the basis of the reason selected in the drop-down box. In addition to all of this, it is important that you direct your audience to use the search box. There is a high chance that the question they are looking for has already been answered in a post. A clear and easy-to-find search box is the solution to many problems.

Taking a lot of time to reply to contact emails has an adverse effect on your productivity. The priority is to churn out good content for your blog and keep your readers engaged. However, replying to readers and solving any other issue is an important part of blogging. Things take a drastic turn when the contact emails start overflowing. By asking your readers the right reasons, making an order of reply and having an FAQ section, you can answer your audience appropriately. The best part is, you can do all of this while not wasting a lot of time hence, improving your productivity.

Vital Tips to Choose an Expert Shopify Development Company

In order to ensure maximum traffic for online shopping, one of the key aspects is the presentation of the online store for better presence and visibility among consumers in today’s era of multi-channel marketing and responsive websites.

When going with the fact that visual appeal penetrates better into the buyer’s conscience, a better presentation and visibility of the online store helps increase sales. A number of software solutions services have come up providing top-notch online store design, development and maintenance solutions with increasing number of merchants and retailers availing these services for a revamp of the online store. Among these, Shopify has gained such an immense popularity because it has made it extremely easy to run an online store.

There are several benefits for using Shopify for e-commerce. It is cheap and affordable. Hence, any business can afford to get the services of Shopify. You can customize each aspect of the online store according to your needs as thousands of finest themes are offered by the service.

You get the full advantage of Shopify by hiring an expert Shopify Development Company. They can help you to develop customized web templates for your sites for performance and share of control. By keeping the substance of the organization’s goods and services they can create a complete shopping site. They will also help you with integrating new functionalities, intra-net networks, managing content and maintaining shopping carts.

Nowadays, there are several companies offering Shopify development services. So, it is quite a difficult task to know which company provides the best service at most reasonable price. Here are few tips that will certainly help you choose a reliable and expert Shopify Development Company.

Check the portfolio of the web development company and find out the kind of services they offer. View some of their sample websites. You will be able to know the quality of the end product that the company is able to produce by viewing some of the company’s previous work.

To make you believe that they can cater a customized solution as per your requirements, a company should have requisite experience. Experienced company has also experienced Shopify developers who have already met to the complicated problems of development. Due to which, to accept any type of challenging demand they hold the expertise and confidence.

It is essential for you to know how much money you have to spend to develop a shopping site. There are many companies that offer Shopify development services at very affordable price.  But, one thing you should remember is that, never compromise on quality just to save your money as in the long rum you may regret this.

It would be a wise decision to contact a few Shopify Development Companies and ask them for free quotes. Once you have the estimates, choose the best one which suits your requirements by comparing the prices.

Why Shopify is a Popular Ecommerce Platform?

Shopify is the most popular online shopping cart platform. It aims to serve small Ecommerce ventures. It offers several features, themes and apps, for instance, the feature of abandoned cart recovery. As an ideal Ecommerce platform, the best thing about Shopify is that it is available with unlimited product options and bandwidth. It has powered more than 100,000 online stores for small businesses. The ease-of-use, simple template system and cost make it an ideal solution for startup online retailers looking to get the most bang for their money.

Here are few reasons why this Ecommerce platform is so popular.

Easy to Use and Affordable

For those wanting to set up their online store in a quick and affordable way without the bother over expensive development costs and servers it’s a fantastic, user-friendly Ecommerce platform for them. You get to focus wholly on the design of your website instead of files and coding as it being a fully a hosted platform. Thus, when compared to other Ecommerce projects it gives you results in quicker turnaround times and at lower cost.

Get Endless Design Options

Shopify make it easier than ever for you to impress your visitors with a beautiful store. Shopify’s design templates look anything but dated unlike some Ecommerce platforms. Shopify won’t disappoint if you imagine the aesthetics of your website to be an extension of your personal style. You still have a range of options if you are looking for a more custom approach than a standard theme.

Customer Support

When running an online operation a reliable and responsive technical support service is vital. If you run a small business out of your home, or your business doesn’t have internal technical support then Shopify offers 24/7 customer support, which can be a huge benefit. Shopify’s 24/7 customer support is an additional reason why it’s considered a great Ecommerce platform for small businesses.

Effective Marketing

Shopify make it easy for you to edit the most essential elements of your website to be search engine friendly from an online marketing point of view. You can make pages visible and invisible, and redirect pages, input Meta description, Meta titles, the page title, unique URLs where necessary. To optimize your Ecommerce store the way you want it, this gives you great flexibility.

Built in Blog

Shopify has a built in blog option that lets you add as many blog entries as you want unlike some E commerce platforms. There are many Shopify experts who will create dynamic content that articulates your web presence if you need help developing blog content.

Website Development, Done Properly, Is What Makes A Website A Highly Effective

Having a website is a great idea to represent your company in both national and international platforms. It is the fastest mediums to let people know about your products and services. Without online presence, you cannot beat your competitors, according to business experts. Whether you are running a manufacturing unit, IT, corporate or service provider, all types of businesses need to be present online.

Businesses make a certain amount of investment in website development and want their websites to offer good returns on investment. This will only happen if more users are attracted to the site and get converted into the business’s customers.

For developing a good website lot many activities have to be looked into; for instance, business development, web content, web designing, web server configuration etc. There are many activities that are getting added up in the list everyday for website development because of the growing technologies. All the website development companies are hiring professionals in this field to deliver the best to the clients in the market. For every activity of the web development a team of professionals is required like web developers, web content writers, web designers, graphic designers, etc.

Nevertheless, there are many other important intricacies to developing a website which is not a day’s work and which refers to the non designing aspect of putting a website up. These technicalities include writing the markup and coding languages, applying for a domain name, hosting the website, brand building of the website, optimizing the website and so on.

Certain effective tips should be thus followed to develop a website, some of which includes the web content development, website design, user friendly navigation, proper tags, clean precise codes and scripts, faster website loading time and so on. Making a check list of all the things to be kept in mind while developing a website will not only make the task of the website developer easy but also make the final product as perfect and error free as possible.

These days there are many website development companies which can meet all your expectations. According to your budget, you should try to contact a web development company. There is web development companies which still offer conventional websites based on obsolete software. Never go for these kinds of web development services.

Website development, done properly, is what makes a website a highly effective and essential part of your business. A website should rarely be used as a billboard in cyberspace; it can do so much more.