5 Shocking Facts about SEO Services You Should Know

SEO still holds ample secrets for the beginners of the digital marketing profession. However, even advanced users have to be constantly updated with everything that occurs in the digital marketing world. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an exclusive element for advanced digital marketing scenario. Here, we have brought together a list that comprises of 10 lesser-known SEO facts.

So, if you are planning to hire a Florida SEO company, make sure you go through these amazing facts to increase your grasp over SEO for better understanding.

Shocking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Facts for You

1- Duplicate Content Isn’t Penalized:

When hiring SEO services in Florida, ask your service provider if you will be penalized for duplicate content. The obvious answer is “No.” Is the duplicate content affecting your site rankings? The answer to this depends on the level of duplicity. When it comes to SEO, there is a difference between “Duplicate Content” and “Copied Content.”

According to Google Guidelines, copied content is known to affect the rating even if the firm or business gives due credit to the source. There is no such mention of duplicate content in the guidelines. Obviously, duplicate content won’t get you the highest of ranks. However, it won’t penalize you. If you tend to use the canonical tags that allow the search engines to scroll through the preferred website content, you will be safe. In essence, Google awards you for unique content but doesn’t fine you for duplicated content.

2- Not Every Search Engine Uses Links for Ranking:

If you plan to know whether you can rank on the search engines without the presence of links, the answer is a definite Yes. Google is obviously the best search engine, but it isn’t the only one. You can seek help from Florida SEO Services Company to know more about the top-ranking search engines where your brand or business can trend.

For example, Yandex, the popular and biggest search engine based in Russia, isn’t taking links into consideration as a ranking factor. Now, you might wonder that ranking over this search engine will limit your target audience. However, Google is planning to move in the very same direction. In essence, the search engines will rank the websites based upon facts as opposed to link-based ranking. The search engine is also discussing upon the idea that will exclude the backlink-based ranking.

3- Rich Snippets Do Not Impact the Rankings Directly:

When hiring any SEO Agency in Florida, make sure you ask if the rich snippets pose a direct effect on website ranks.

Now, this will sure puzzle you when we say that the snippets do not actually have direct ranking impacts. Rich snippets are included in catering extra information for search listings. However, they don’t actually influence the rankings. Google has mentioned time and again that the rich-snippets do not pose any direct impact over the site rankings currently.

However, it surely generates indirect benefits for rankings. This is done by aiding the website pages to be available easily via proper indexing. In short, rich snippets are features that add in-direct value to your website and thus enhance your ranking.

4- Just 2 Out of 10 Popular Sites on the Web Can be defined as Content Sites:

If you want to understand this completely, let us take a peek at the top 10 popular sites on the web. These popular sites are as such:

No surprise here given their individual popularity and user-base. However, if we take a look at these websites, only YouTube and Wikipedia are completely content-oriented sites. The other merely act as “content-gates.” Of these eight websites, the users get both contents to consume and things to do. Things such as products, tools, services, etc., are a part of these websites while content is a linked accreditation. So, in essence, they provide actionable content which serves as a valuable aspect for the users. If you are planning an e-commerce website with help of SEO services in Florida, make sure you ask for such intermixing of actionable content with services and products.

5- Image Object Detection Serves as a Strong Ranking Element:

We all know that the Google search engine is smart enough and recognized the objects present in an image. However, something you didn’t know is that this object recognition pattern helps with ranking for a business. In order to rank properly, opting for image optimization serves as the key.

This optimization involves creating images that appeal to the users as opposed to the classic inclusion of the alt-text or title tags. This allows the search engine to determine and classify the images into various categories which ultimately affects the ranking of the associated business and strengthens it.


In this blog, we have decoded some of the lesser-known facts from the market of Search Engine optimization. We believe that you should always be updated with the latest dos and don’ts of the digital market. So, the next time you hire Florida SEO services, you will be updated with the latest trends and determine your exact requirements.

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