4 Content Marketing Trends That will Shine Through 2017

It’s hardly a secret that content marketing is one of the key curves of the digital marketing industry. Good news is that, over the last few years, content has proved to be the most powerful strategy of digital marketing experts and it has undoubtedly paid off quite well to say the least.
The best part about content marketing lies in the fact that, it has taken a massive leap of growth each year with its incredible outcomes. Strategists surely look forward to keep the momentum going even in 2017 and that too with the added tricks.

2017 has already kicked off and experts are ready with their content budget and blueprints to dominate the year like never before. Take a look at some of the finest content trends, leveraging which could ensure prolific returns. So here we go!

1) A Fierce Focus On Mobile

For content marketers, the be all and end all endeavors is to make the website responsive and mobile-friendly. Of course, the basic rule of content marketing is to broaden the reach of the content to the audience across all over. With people being hooked to their smart phones in every now and then, you must reckon to design an infallible online strategy with an engaging content that could create a mark in the mobile marketplace.
What’s important is to ensure that your content proves to be an easy read for the mobile users and navigate in possibly every mobile device that exists. People certainly won’t appreciate to invest time for a page that loads slowly. Therefore you need to be conscious enough to feed the mobile users the content that could involve them without any additional fuss.

2) Content With An Interactive Effect

In this fast pace world, no one is willing to spend their time, energy and of course attention on anything that they find tedious in the slightest manner. Hence content marketers need to up their game to capture the attention of the audience in the most unique and valuable creative methods. No wonder, interactive content can turn out to be an impeccable tactic, which could enhance the brand value with complete ease.
As is mentioned by Kissmetrics, interactive content is the most profitable action and has been backed with validated theories.

With interactive content, you can make the reader a part of the content. Using various modes like calculator, configurators and quizzes can grab the interest of the reader quite successfully.

3) Hail Native Advertising

A lot of marketers still fail to implement the idea of native advertising, however executing it in the comprehensive manner can boost up the brand incredibly.

Native advertising may just look like a simple editorial in the first glance, but it could actually create a lot of effect as it does not disrupt the user experience and with an informative content filling in the space, they could pull the audience and engage them a lot more than the content of other types. The fact is, through native advertising, brands can use their storytelling skill and build effortless connect with the audience. 2017 may just witness the rise of native advertising as compared to the previous years.

4) Live Streaming Video – A Real Game Winner

You could just be a startup or a consultant; live streaming videos are the best to bet on. They offer a golden opportunity to have interaction with your audience in quite a relevant way.

When it comes to the live streaming videos, they are pretty accommodating for creating content sans any stress of additional cost with video production. Of late live streaming videos have been a widely accepted plan by the content marketers for its ability to achieve higher conversion, awareness, and engagement among the viewers.

The Concluding Point

So, all you content marketers out there, get ready to rule the content marketing periphery by adopting the above mentioned trends. Rest assured they would unquestionably give you a chance to keep your audience’s attention intact. Note: dabble in a few rather than trying your hand at all from the beginning.