What an SEO company actually does?

Do I even need SEO services?

What Does an SEO Agency in Florida Do?

A lot, actually.

Most business owners do not quite understand the working of an SEO agency. You have to first understand what SEO actually does to your company.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of increasing a web page’s search rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., to increase the online visibility of the website.

There are more than a few hundred factors that determine the ranks of a page on search results. The ones that matter the most under white-hat SEO are-

  • Security of the website (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
  • Mobile-friendly nature of the website.
  • The loading speed of the website.
  • Schema mark-up of the website.
  • Web page content quality.
  • Web page content length.
  • Quality backlinks pointing back to the website
  • Search intent of the user
  • Social signals that point back to the website
  • Optimized images on web pages
  • The strategy that handles all these factors.

A good SEO company (like ours, for example) includes the following in the SEO contract:

  • Website structure analysis
  • Optimization of off-page factors
  • Website content analysis, including conversion rate analysis
  • Optimization of website code and structure
  • Off-page online analysis
  • Optimization of onsite content


By examining the content you already have on your website, we can diagnose a number of issues related to:

  • Voice search compatibility
  • Missing pages
  • Poorly targeted keywords
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Poor ranking content
  • Name-address-phone number inconsistencies (for local SEO)

We, at Devlimer also perform a keyword analysis to find the best opportunities and strategies to rank higher and connect with more customers not just locally but globally.


The success of SEO of your website is majorly determined by the off page analysis, on review sites, online directories, industry blogs etc. If you have a lot of stellar reviews from your past customers, it becomes easier to lift rankings based on keywords.

We monitor what people are saying about you. This includes finding local or global mentions of your website across the web and seeing it can be adjusted to your advantage. In the case of negative reviews, we guide you as to how to respond to them and make amends. Some of the basic off-page SEO tools are listed below-

  • Organic traffic
  • Consistent NAP across every listing
  • Content focused on locality
  • Unique title tags and meta-descriptions
  • A mobile friendly website
  • Authentic reviews, marked up with schema
  • Reputable directory listings
  • Authority building measures
  • These little things can make an astounding difference in your web presence, online.


We will:

Structure your site’s navigation to make it easier for customers to find what they want.

Add internal links to pages within your website so that users can flow to the places they want to

Clean up the code to make your site run faster

Add an XML sitemap for Google’s crawler

Eliminate errors Google picks up when it crawls


When creating a website you cannot just create landing pages, put them live, and get going. You need to constantly create new content and optimize the existing pages on your website to attract organic traffic to your website. Our SEO Company at Florida will-

  • Create new landing pages
  • Remove or rewrite duplicate content
  • Place keywords to ensure Google ranks your pages
  • Add keyword rich content to underperforming landing pages
  • Add optimized images, formatted text, and colours to make the page attractive and engaging.


For the off-page optimization, we, at Devlimer, implement the following strategies-

  • Find directory listings of your business or entrepreneurship online, verify them, and update them to make sure they contain accurate information
  • Submit press releases about all the new services of your company
  • Use local SEO tactics to help you achieve your position in the search results
  • Discover non-competitive blogs in industries similar to yours for guest posts in exchange for links
  • Check out and research new, valuable directories to add your site


Search engine optimization is a lot more than just making changes to your website. There is no point in making changes if the data is not well analyzed. At Devlimer, we track, test, tweak and repeat! Throughout the contract we will:

Monitor rankings, traffic, and lead conversions on a daily, weekly, or also monthly basis

Use the data we’ve gathered to determine which of the above items will help your site the most

If you want to choose the best SEO company in Florida- Think Devlimer.

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How to achieve the best SEO results?

Is your startup blooming? Are you in need of a website that urgently requires more and more clicks and traffics? Are you trying to build a website that reaches out to a lot of people? Are you looking for ways of drawing internet users worldwide to your web page? Do you want to appear on the top ranks of Google search results? If the answer to even one of the questions is a ‘yes’ then you must continue reading forward.

Most website owners know this as a fact that a good ‘online’ following is a result of successful and professional SEO services. SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important elements to be incorporated into your online marketing and advertising strategy. There is no online success without using SEO!

Be it an already established website or the new ones, SEO services provided by us in recent years have benefited both, in all ways possible. However, only professional SEO agencies in Florida like Devlimer have the right personnel to ensure that your website reaches the new zenith in search engine ranking and Google rankings to be specific. SEO services are conveniently customizable as per customer requirements, to make more efforts on the problem areas. The blog talks about some of the best and most important SEO areas that can be worked upon.

SEO copywriting

Content rules website marketing over strategy. SEO copywriting consists mostly of good quality, compelling and useful content for the clients’ websites. The content, be it a blog, or an article or just a newsletter, must contain keyword phrases that emphasize not only about the website but are also frequently used by internet surfers in the respective field during their online searches.

Let us suppose you are writing content for an educational institute, the keyword phrases must include the importance of education, higher education, education management, adult education, institutional rankings, global education and other such phrases that are related to the education industry.

Website re-designing

The development in marketing strategies has exponentially increased the traffic graph and should certainly treat your website with a face lift. We put forth our efforts in all possible ways to make your website even more attractive, convincing and updated according to the latest search trends. Be it the font, graphics or even the features of the website like loading speed, every website needs the services of a professional SEO expert who specializes in web-redesigning.

Not many users would visit your page if the website is dull or unattractive or non-intriguing. If you add color and brightness according to the marketing color code, your website might actually look appealing to the viewers.

Link building

This section mainly consists of the process of acquiring sites that are related to the business in consideration and having them the link to specific pages on your website.

Acquiring all the websites especially the ones that are popular, and those that will link to your website pages will increase your chances of getting noticed and receive more clicks.

Any SEO service agency you hire should have a professional approach, great experience, remarkable results and high-quality services tailored as per your requirements.

When you sign up with our company, Devlimer, which offers flexible and excellent site optimization services, it will be an added advantage to you, your company and of course your online website and reach. The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to receive a positive ranking and to keep moving higher on search engine rankings like on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. through increased website traffic and successful lead conversions.

We are one of the leading SEO agencies in Florida with A-one feedback from our satisfied clients. Contact us for effective and influential digital marketing and online exposure.

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