Effective Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

The past few years witnessed the incredible rise of social media, permeating the online awareness of Internet users from all over the world. However, it did not end there as the influence of social media reached beyond commercial and business circles. Social media provides opportunities for small businesses to engage with a larger customer base. Social media has become an increasingly important tool for small businesses as it continues to change the way people communicate.

While spreading the word about their products and services, small businesses can implement social media strategies to reach and engage existing and potential clients. However, there are many small businesses those are unable to get complete benefit from the social media marketing as some of them don’t have the knowledge on how to make an ideal social media marketing strategy and some fail to achieve the benefit as they don’t have enough time to devise and implement a perfect social media strategy.

Here are some proven social media strategies that will help boost your business without taking all your time.

Know Your Target Audience

Any social media strategy works best when it is targeted to a particular audience. You will end up speaking to no one if you try to speak to too many. You must have separate strategies for each when you are attempting to connect with more than one audience. Always remember that, it is a two way channel, which means it is a great way to gauge customer feedback and useful for marketing as well.

Let People Get to Know You

Let your customers to get a glance of who you are. Share your story with them; demonstrate what is significant to you. This can be more effective than a usual sales push. Also, you can use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to share non-product-related visuals and stories that will induce positive emotions and initiate sharing, other than promoting product deals. You may also request customers to share their insights and stories on topics related to your industry. By doing this, your customers will feel more connected to your brand and you. Furthermore, they will be more inspired to buy your products.

Outsource If You Need to

Small business owners, who don’t have enough time and dedicated employee to manage their social media marketing, can simply outsource this job to other specialized companies who can make effective social media marketing strategy for them. This will not only save their valuable time which they can utilize to do other important things, but outsourcing can also help them save a lot of money.

4 SEO Strategies that will Make Link Building Automatically Fall in Line

Search engine optimization is a never ending process and with each passing day new and innovative methods are being used for earning that “No. 1” position. One of the most talked about SEO practices is the link building. Google considers external links back to a website’s domain as criteria while rating websites. In order to get the website the desired link building, SEO experts go for an aggressive link building campaign. But, again the Google seems to have put an objection to that as well.

The sole motto of the Google is to provide its users with the best and highest quality content web search experience. Successful link building minus the quality will get you nowhere. Instead, it is best to follow the rules and the link building will come naturally.

Here are the 4 fundamental ways to do SEO and you will see the link building fall in line naturally.

High Quality, Optimized Content Will Never Go Out Of Business

No matter how many times the Google changes its algorithms or introduces new programs, the quality content strategy will never fail.  Because, it’s the core belief of the Google – it wants to provide the quality content to its users. If you want the No.1 ranking, invest your time and energy in creating original, high quality contents. Whether it’s your home page or service pages, every page needs to have highly informative, accurate contents. Give the visitors what they want and tell them what benefit you can offer them. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for and list your business name, address, and phone number in the contact page. The idea is loud and clear – the more accurate and the more detailed your content is, the higher will be your ranking.

Strong Social Media Presence – An Elixir Of Life for your business

If there is one place where you can have the desired link sharing, it is the social media. This is a one link building medium that the Google cannot doubt. With so many social media platforms, you can claim your business profile on as many as you want, which will give you the right edge. Social media gives you a golden opportunity to interact with your audiences. You can build contacts, connections, and at the same time you can keep them informed with your company updates, and exclusive offers. Social sharing is the one of the fastest methods of generating links naturally.

Mobile Friendly Website or You Are Doomed To Fail

One of the recent criteria of ranking for the Google is the mobile friendly website. If your website is not mobile friendly, you can forget about getting a decent ranking in the SERPs. Mobile friendly website makes it easier for the users to access them on any device not just on mobile phones. If you want greater visibility, having a mobile friendly website is your ticket. It will make your website load faster, making users like your page better and this will keep the Google happy and so you get the desired ranking.

Keeping your Website Alive

Content optimization is not a onetime thing. To get the better ranking you will need to keep refreshing your website. This doesn’t call for change in your basic website content. Although, website content does need to be changed from time to time, having a blog is the best method to keep your website alive. Regular article or blog post will keep the link alive and add up new information to your website. Regular, upbeat, high quality content will also increase your chances of link building and getting a better ranking.

Link building is an important SEO strategy, which will provide great reward only if it’s done the right way. Do it unethically and Google will see right through it. Following the fundamental methods will ensure you are doing the right thing. At the same time you will be building links the natural way.