Top SEO Strategies to Look At in 2015

In 2014, Google made a total of 13 most important changes to their ranking algorithm, and in the near future there are undoubtedly dozens more to come. One or more of these minute changes could make a massive impact on your SEO tactic. However, there are a few strategies that will certainly work this year.

Let’s take a look at SEO tips that will help you yield the desired results.

Optimize Your Mobile Strategy

Now, the Internet is becoming more mobile. People are making purchases, communicating on social networks and searching information on their smart phones and tablets. For enhancing your mobile marketing strategy you should implement a mobile version of your site and develop your own separate tactic. Bear in mind that Google mobile search results now vary from desktop search results. Furthermore, it is predictable from the trends that the traffic generated through mobile devices will exceed that of desktops and laptops. You are very late to the party if your website is not already mobile-friendly.


As search functionalities are becoming more complicated more focus will be given on personalization. The search results will currently count on psychographic, demographical and geographical data collected from the individual’s previous use. That’s why in the search engine optimization, customization will be a significant aspect.

More Focus on Social Media

A strong social media presence is necessary. Do not waste time if your company did not entirely clinch social media portals last year. Make sure, on various social networks, your company name and brand finds its forte. Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Facebook all worth your consideration, because each of these social media platforms are competent of reaching a vital section of your target demographic in different, yet very successful ways. Staying dynamic on social media allows you to relate with your customers on a more personal level. This way you can keep your customers updated about the latest happenings and consequently this will help you to generate more leads as well.

Optimize for Various Search Engines

This is almost undoubtedly the year to start optimizing your website for search engines except Google. This is because, Yahoo will now be the default search engine for Firefox as the popular browser kicked Google to the curb. Google’s deal with Apple to be Safari’s default search engine expires in 2015, and both Bing and Yahoo are trying to secure that spot. So, you need to focus on other search engines to get desired result for your SEO effort.

Valuable Tips for Online Reputation Management

A good or bad reputation is something that will chase your business for years to come. Bad customer experiences about your business posted online can make a great impact on your business in terms of profits. It will take a lot of time to get in the momentum again once your online reputation is tarnished. Even though creating a positive online reputation takes lots of effort and time, it is well worth it in the end.

You may want to think about Online Reputation Management or ORM if you have any sort of online presence, so that you can make that presence to stay positive. Here are some tips on online reputation management to help you in this regard.

#1 Google Yourself

To find out what is being said about your business online take time to Google your business name. You will be surprised to see the results. Your potential client’s perception about your business can be affected by these results. If there is any negative thing about your company then it may influence some people to terminate their business deals with your company. Sometimes due to the use of specific keywords, certain search results may come up which is not even related to your business.

#2 Respond to Negative Reviews Sensibly

Never ignore negative reviews. Make sure that you comment on it directly if you find anything negative online. Be proactive and interact with the person who wrote that review about your company and make your best effort to resolve that matter in a short span of time. Sometimes you have to deal with few fake reviews. You also need to deal with these smartly by putting a question or in a humorous way. Make sure that you respond to all reviews because it is very difficult to distinguish between a real review and fake review. This way, your customers will have a positive view about your company as they will think that you are sincerely listening to them and concerned about their issues.

#3 Develop a Social Media Policy

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook provides a easy and quick way for your former clients, potential clients and current customers to interact with you directly and vice versa. You should be there talking back, if people are talking about your company online. You will get more exposure by positively using the social media platform. However, it always pays to think before you speak when you are using social media because one ill conceived statement can cause offense or damage your company philosophy.

Even though this is a very effective method of managing your reputation online, it consumes lot of your valuable time by responding to your fans and followers on social media sites. Hence, it is advisable that you should consider hiring an Online Reputation Management company to deal with this aspect on your behalf.

Four Ecommerce Trends to Watch This Year

Today, Ecommerce is a trillion dollar industry that supports businesses of all sizes and shapes. It’s become so important for each store owners to implement the latest trends and keep pace with the changes with more and more store owners going online.

Retailers need to rethink about their Ecommerce strategy this year because consumers are now well-informed about which product they want and at what price; they also want fast (often same day and free) shipping, inventory availability and comprehensive information and reviews.

The year has just started, so it’s a good idea for organizations to start thinking about what they can expect in terms of emerging techniques and business opportunities to better connect with their customers. Let’s look at some important Ecommerce trends for this year.

#1 Personalization

In the year 2015, personalization marketing will dominate; hence, for any retailer to win the game this technique is a must-have. Personalized web experience has great impact in ROI which is a known fact to many Ecommerce business owners.  For marketers, self-tracking apps, wearable tech, and improved user-tracking technology will provide a wealth of user data. However, together with this comes the anticipation for retailers to provide a seamless brand experience and tailored content for their customers.

#2 Omni-Channel

Customers don’t reside in one channel. They are tossing between store, phone, tablet, and computer is only part of today’s shopping experience. So, cross-platform integration is now the standard more willingly than the benefit for retailers. In order to get more foot traffic, retailers that have both a physical location and an online presence are trying to merge the two with promotions like free ship to store. Many also are building mobile sites and companion apps and that facilitate consumers when they are in a store.

#3 Social Commerce

At the moment that social media has achieved major grip with customers, retailers are also exploring methods to use those channels more efficiently themselves. Wherever your customers may be, social media is a fantastic means to promote your brand and capture the mentality of your loyal customers. Social recommendations and reviews of your brand ensure high commitment, and that the word gets out about your business. To encourage more users to do business with you this is where having everything right with the rest of your Ecommerce business is essential as you want what is said about your brand to be positive.

#4 Mobile Commerce

Smart phones have completely revolutionized Ecommerce today. Several well-known shopping stores like Amazon, eBay have also specified that mobile commerce has significantly grown. One of the reasons why many people are using the gadgets is because they are always with them and shopping on a mobile phone is handier than shopping on tablet or PC. Amazing mobile applications have also contributed to the increase in mobile commerce. Such applications have made it easy for the mobile users to access the sites that they are interested in and effortlessly make purchases. To better serve mobile customers, make sure your Ecommerce website employs responsive design.

Why Shopify is a Popular Ecommerce Platform?

Shopify is the most popular online shopping cart platform. It aims to serve small Ecommerce ventures. It offers several features, themes and apps, for instance, the feature of abandoned cart recovery. As an ideal Ecommerce platform, the best thing about Shopify is that it is available with unlimited product options and bandwidth. It has powered more than 100,000 online stores for small businesses. The ease-of-use, simple template system and cost make it an ideal solution for startup online retailers looking to get the most bang for their money.

Here are few reasons why this Ecommerce platform is so popular.

Easy to Use and Affordable

For those wanting to set up their online store in a quick and affordable way without the bother over expensive development costs and servers it’s a fantastic, user-friendly Ecommerce platform for them. You get to focus wholly on the design of your website instead of files and coding as it being a fully a hosted platform. Thus, when compared to other Ecommerce projects it gives you results in quicker turnaround times and at lower cost.

Get Endless Design Options

Shopify make it easier than ever for you to impress your visitors with a beautiful store. Shopify’s design templates look anything but dated unlike some Ecommerce platforms. Shopify won’t disappoint if you imagine the aesthetics of your website to be an extension of your personal style. You still have a range of options if you are looking for a more custom approach than a standard theme.

Customer Support

When running an online operation a reliable and responsive technical support service is vital. If you run a small business out of your home, or your business doesn’t have internal technical support then Shopify offers 24/7 customer support, which can be a huge benefit. Shopify’s 24/7 customer support is an additional reason why it’s considered a great Ecommerce platform for small businesses.

Effective Marketing

Shopify make it easy for you to edit the most essential elements of your website to be search engine friendly from an online marketing point of view. You can make pages visible and invisible, and redirect pages, input Meta description, Meta titles, the page title, unique URLs where necessary. To optimize your Ecommerce store the way you want it, this gives you great flexibility.

Built in Blog

Shopify has a built in blog option that lets you add as many blog entries as you want unlike some E commerce platforms. There are many Shopify experts who will create dynamic content that articulates your web presence if you need help developing blog content.